Schedule of Events 2021 Virtual Forum: Beacon When We're Apart

We are stronger, TOGETHER. Which is why we created our virtual program, Beacon When We’re Apart, to stay connected to our members around the world who won’t be able to join us in person this October. Beacon when We’re Apart brings a taste of IACP's 22nd Annual Forum: Lighting the Way Together to you including speakers from every continent except Antarctica. This hybrid approach has been carefully planned by our board, staff, and planning committee to maximize the opportunities for connection, learning, and sharing for our whole community. You’ll be able to log on any time of day or night to meet colleagues around the world, join our famous Saturday dance party, and hear some amazing Plenary speakers including this year’s keynote, Rev. Nontombi Naomi Tutu, daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who will be joining us via Zoom from South Africa.

Below you will find the schedule of events for our virtual Forum. Please note, all times listed are in PDT. You can use to find your local time zone.

Gather.Town is the virtual event platform for IACP’s 2021 Virtual Forum: Beacon When We're Apart.

To access workshops, please read through the ATTENDEE RESOURCES SHEET. This sheet will teach you exactly how to access the Virtual Forum Schedule, which includes all of the Workshop Zoom Links. This sheet will also help you troubleshoot any issues you may run into using Gather.Town. If your questions are not answered in the attendee resource sheet, please reach out to

*VWS indicates Virtual Workshop
indicates session translated in Portuguese

All virtual workshop materials that have been provided to IACP are available here.

  • Day 1, Thursday, October 28, 2021:
    • VWS #1 Shining The Light On Collaborative Case Process Design. How many collaborative meetings do clients need? We have all heard stories of cases that run to 5, 6, 7 and more meetings. Over the last 12 years or so MELCA has designed its processes and procedures to give our clients the best chance of reaching agreements in 1 or 2 meetings. Using client experience as the starting point and adopting a project management approach, we have designed a process that keeps cases progressing and on track. Marguerite and Tricia will share what they have learned from running 500 cases and give tips on how to better manage your collaborative cases in an efficient and cost effective way.
      • 6pm-7:30pm PDT
      • Presenters: Tricia Peters, Marguerite Picard, and Anne Gifford
    • VWS #2 The Collborative Practice Journey in AsiaThis workshop will discuss the evolvement and growth of Collaborative Practice in Singapore and Malaysia.
      • 8pm-9:30pm PDT
      • Presenters: Rajan Chettiar and Siu Lin Goh
  • Day 2, Friday, October 29, 2021:
    • VWS #3 Online Dispute Resolution Tools for Collaborative Professionals. Nowadays working online is a requirement. Consensual dispute resolution professionals were forced to adapt quickly and move their practice online without preparation. Now it’s time to think about the challenges we must face like ethical principles, artificial intelligence (AI), information and communication technologies (ICT). Therefore, for the online dispute resolution process to be effective, the professional must understand its tools, as will be presented in this workshop. ***This workshop will be presented in Portuguese and interpreted into English. Select the English channel to listen to the workshop in English.
      • 7am-8:30am PDT
      • Presenters: Marilia Campos Oliveira-Telles and Felicia Zuardi Spinola Garcia
    • VWS #4 Swiss-Style Neutrality: One-Coach Interdisciplinary Model For Families In Transition. The role of the coach as a trusted partner (not competition) to the lawyers in the team is essential in enabling the couple to make optimal decisions for themselves and their children, offering them support for redefining the living and child care arrangements with attention to healing wounds, improving communication and developing new perspectives.
      • 9am-10:30am PDT
      • Presenters: Miriam Victory Spiegel
    • VWS #5 Tips for Successfully Producing Interactive Trainings for Your Practice Group. Quality online trainings can expand the reach and skill level of your practice group and create opportunities for practitioners where collaborative is just taking hold. With a focus on creating engaging, participatory trainings, you will learn about the tools, planning, administrative setup and strategies to help your program go smoothly.
      • 3:30pm-5pm PDT
      • Presenters: Alison Beck and Forest "Woody" Mosten
    • Opening Ceremonies: 6:15pm - 10pm PDT
      • 6:15 - 7:30pm PDT - Gather Town Networking Reception

         Join Forum Goers in the Networking Lounge in Gather Town to play games or grab a drink at the virtual bar! No Zoom required, this is an opportunity to explore around Gather Town and connect with your peers. It’s just like Friday’s networking reception at Forum!

      • 7:30-  9:00pm Opening Ceremonies
        The 22nd IACP Networking and Educational Forum then officially opens with words of welcome and updates on the state of the Collaborative community from our Board President, Anne Lucas, and our Executive Director, Anne Tamar-Mattis. We will also have a very special announcement from Board Member and Fundraising Committee Co-chair, Adam Cordover, and Fundraising Committee Member, Rebecca Fischer.
      • After the opening ceremonies, continue exploring and networking in Gather Town!
  • Day 3, Saturday, October 30, 2021
    • VWS #6 "They said WHAT?" Microaggression and Its Impact on Collaborative Practice. Opening the dialogue: introduction to microaggression. Responding to microaggressions from the perspective of: 1) the person affected by the microaggresion; 2) the person making the microaggression; and 3) bystanders.
      • 9am-10:30am PDT
      • Presenters: Deborah Rayner, Antoinette Clarke, MSW, BSW, Grd Dip Soc Adm, Sondra Gibbons, BA, LLB, and M. Anne Vespry, B.A., LL.B.
    • Stu Webb Lecture: Truth & Reconciliation: Healing Wounds. Whether in personal life or in the larger society, we have wounds that block our ability to be the wonderful gifts that we are meant to be in the world. We too have inflicted wounds on others, and all these wounds can be healed. However, it takes courage and the willingness to speak and hear the truth. That first step to healing is so often the hardest. We are afraid to speak our truth for fear of judgment, rejection and anger. We are also afraid to hear truths that might question our images of ourselves. Yet the pain is only the first step, what comes after that is healing and wholeness. Using South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a starting place and model, in this presentation Naomi Tutu talks about how we can heal as individuals and as a society. 
      • 11am-12:30pm
      • Presenter: Rev. Nontombi Naomi Tutu
    • VWS #7 Say What You Mean: How Legal Drafting Messes With Meaning. Words. Tone. Body Language. Action. This is how we make meaning as humans. As divorce professionals, we help our clients find meaning in their experience so that their family can transform in the healthiest way. Now, look at your last separation agreement and consider how the words align with the meaning of the “family transformed.” Does it truly reflect what is meaningful to the clients, or does it mess with their meaning? Does it focus on engagement, or enforcement and fight? In this workshop you will be introduced to Conscious Contract, a way to reflect collaboration in contracts.
      • 2pm-5:00pm PDT
      • Presenters: Jacinta Gallant and Carmen Aja Ruiz
    • VWS #8 The Leading Light: Challenges and Opportunities for Practice Group Leaders. 
      • 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT
      • Presenters: Adam Cordover, Selina-Jane Trigg, and Ross Evans
    • Party, 7pm-10pm PDT 
      • 8pm-9pm PDT - Light Up the Night Saturday Party Livestream 
        Tune into the Saturday Night party live stream from San Diego with Dizzie Ramsey, World Class Entertainer leading the party! Enjoy the music and dance along!   
      • Before and after the stream, get together with the virtual community in Gather Town. Stop by the bar, the beach or game room! You can even make your Gather Town avatar dance by pressing “Z” on your keyboard.
  • Day 4, Sunday, October 31, 2021
    • VWS #9 "War of the Roses" - What if it went Collaborative - the Power of Teamwork! Using the backdrop of the noir film “War of the Roses,” this presentation will explore interventions that may have changed the final outcome of the Rose’s highly litigated divorce. “What if” it were possible to convert this divorce to the Collaborative Process? Exploring the use of an interdisciplinary team during some of the most emotionally difficult times, attendees will have the opportunity to design alternative interventions for the Rose family.
      • 9am-10:30am PDT
      • Presenters: Lana M Stern, Robert J Merlin, Marta Alfonso
    • Closing Plenary: Trickster's Guide to Dancing with Demons: Underworld etiquette, whereby to be agents of cool response in a hot reactive world. Let’s convene all teachings that guide us to spiral out of polarity. ”We strengthen whatever we oppose.” (Ursula LeGuin) Myths, Fairy Tales, Detective Novels proffer pragmatic counsel, skills and strategy. (As does Star Trek and Groucho Marx.) The Art of Linguistic Aikido encourages our words, story, metaphor to be in accord with our dedicated hearts, so that we can “Find a way outa no-way.” Spirals be Nature’s Way of resolving conflict. So let’s hurl liberating lightning at the closed circle, and spiral forth sane, reverent common sense into Group Mind.
      • 11am-12:30pm PDT
      • Presenter: Caroline Casey

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