Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #16 No Dress Rehearsal - Being in the Moment in Conflict

Collaborative Practice is like "improv". We have a general idea about what might happen in the collaborative meeting room but no matter how carefully we prepare, we don't get a dress rehearsal or a script. We are at our best when we can say "yes" to what is coming toward us and respond in an authentic, meaningful and productive way.
This workshop will help make your collaborations - with clients, team mates and even the supporting cast of characters - more like good improv. You do all the necessary preparation so that you can be present to what happens, without forcing or choreographing what you think should happen.  We will learn some tools to engage curiosity and acceptance of “the moment". We will practice noticing and responding, and will look at the benefits of transparency. The goal is to help prepare yourself, your team and your clients to enter the collaborative meeting room with less script and more presence. (Hopefully this helps with the stage fright!)

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Saturday, October 26, 2019 - 14:00 to 17:00
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