IACP NEW Membership Plan FAQs

Joining IACP


I noticed that dues are increasing. Why is that?

IACP hasn’t increased dues in over five years, and membership dues, along with Forum registration, represent the vast majority of our budget.  We are an organization that is supported by its members.  We need to raise dues to keep up with inflation, and to enable us to provide valuable services to members while meeting our mission of supporting the growth of CP around the world.  We are also now offering discounted membership for retired members, and for students.


When will this new membership plan start?

It will start when we debut our upgraded website.  Until then, if it is time to pay your annual membership dues, you can renew under the old system at the old rates and your renewed membership will be valid for the coming year.  We will announce a date for the new website debut as soon as we are able.


What happened to the hot link charge?

A hot link to your website, which used to require an extra fee, is now included free as a benefit of membership!


What is Whole Group membership?

Many Collaborative Practice groups have made the choice to require all their members to be members of IACP. When groups elect Whole Group status, their members benefit from being included in the worldwide community of Collaborative professionals. Whole Group members are entitled to a discount on their IACP membership and pay the reduced $145 Whole Group Membership fee. For more information about Whole Group membership, please speak to your Practice Group leader.


How do I know if I am eligible for Whole Group membership?

You are eligible for whole group membership if you are a member of a practice group that has committed to requiring IACP membership for all of its members.  Once the new website is up, if your practice group is listed with IACP as a Whole Group, and if they have confirmed your membership in the practice group (reconfirmed annually), then you will be able to access the Whole Group rate on the website.  For now, if you are not sure whether your practice group provides access to Whole Group membership, ask your Practice Group leader, or contact IACP.


How can my practice group become a Whole Group?

For now, if your group would like to become a Whole Group contact IACP Associate Director, Alicia Chandler at info@collaborativepractice.com. Once the new website debuts, you will be able to sign your group up for Whole Group membership online.


What is Global Partner Membership?

Global Partners are organizations that want to make an extra commitment to work collectively to leverage resources, spread the word, and find ways to make CP available around the globe.  Global Partners can be organizations in areas of the world where CP is just getting started, who want to find more ways to connect with the worldwide CP community.  They can also be organizations in areas where CP is more established, who want to increase their partnership with organizations around the world, and share knowledge and resources.


Can a group be both a Whole Group and a Global Partner?

Yes, if a Whole Group wants to participate more actively in working together with allies around the globe to expand the availability of CP, it is welcome to also become a Global Partner!