Membership FAQs


Joining IACP


What are IACP's requirements for membership?

Membership in IACP is open to everyone. Most members are legal, mental health or financial professionals. However, we welcome anyone wanting to support the Collaborative Practice movement to join IACP. IACP does not require professional licensure or Collaborative training in order to be an IACP member. However, please note that in order to engage in Collaborative Practice, both licensure and training may be required by local practice groups.


How much does IACP membership cost?

The annual membership fee is $150 for Individual Membership, $100 for Whole Group Membership, and $75 for Student or Library Membership. All fees are in US dollars.
Payments are non-refundable.


What is Whole Group membership?

Many Collaborative Practice groups have made the choice to require all their members to be members of IACP. When groups elect Whole Group status, their members benefit from being included in the worldwide community of Collaborative professionals. Whole Group members are entitled to a discount on their IACP membership and pay the reduced $100 Whole Group Membership fee. For more information about Whole Group membership, please speak to your Practice Group Leader or contact us.


Is membership on a calendar or anniversary year basis?

Your IACP membership is on an anniversary year basis, which means that it continues for one year from the date you join or renew.


How do I join?

You can join online on the IACP website by clicking “Join IACP”. Or, you can download the membership application, complete it and return it to the IACP office along with your payment.


Is the online registration secure?

Yes, the site is equipped with a secure key encryption certificate so that your information will be kept safe and secure.


How will I know when to renew?

You will receive several email reminders beginning 30 days before your membership is scheduled to expire. The email reminders will contain a link to the website, where you can renew online; or you can download the membership renewal form and email, mail or fax it to the IACP.


Can I have my membership automatically renewed each year?

Yes! You can ensure that your IACP membership will never lapse by electing the automatic membership renewal option. It’s easy—just fill in the Automatic IACP Membership Renewal Authorization Form and email, mail, or fax it to the IACP. You can also select the automatic renewal option when joining or renewing your membership using the online form.


Benefits of Membership


What are the benefits of membership in IACP?

As a member of IACP, you belong to the worldwide Collaborative community which exists to champion respect and dignity in conflict resolution. IACP connects Collaborative professionals and provides members with access to the education and development support they need to build their Collaborative practices. That support comes in a variety of ways including professional resources, learning opportunities and listing in IACP’s on-line directory feature.


How can I show the world that I am a member of IACP?

All IACP members are welcome, and encouraged, to use the 'C' Mark. With the rapid international growth experienced by the Collaborative Practice movement, it is more important than ever that we present a consistent and identifiable visual image. The Collaborative Practice "C" is our organization's strongest visual asset. With this mark, we are able to represent our cause on stationery, promotional items, literature, and other communication materials. To access different versions of the “C” Mark as well as the usage guidelines, simply log into the Member Area and click on Public Education Resources.


Your Member Profile


Ok, I've joined. What happens next?

Once you’ve joined IACP, you will be logged into the site and re-directed to the Member Area. You can update your profile with additional details, and you can also begin to explore the resources available to members only. 


Do I have to have an email address to be listed in Member Directory?

Yes, your email address is your Username, allowing you access to the Member Area of the website. Each IACP member must have his or her own email address to log in. Members cannot share an email address.


What if I change my email address?

Simply update your email address in the Username field on your Member profile, click submit, and the change is saved!


How do I change my password?

You may reset your password by logging in to the Member Area and clicking the link to Update your Profile. On the Personal Info tab, click on Change Password to make your update. If you can not remember your password to log in, simply click on Lost Password? just below the login fields. You will be asked to enter your Username, which is your email address, and then click Reset Password. An email will be sent with a link to complete the process of resetting your password.


My address has changed. How can I update my address in my profile?

You may update your address by logging in to the Member Area and clicking the link to Update your Profile. You’ll find your main office address on your Personal Info tab. Other addresses can be updated on the Additional Contact Info tab.


How do I get my website URL to link to my member profile?

You can “hot link” from your IACP listing to your personal website. There is a small annual fee, which will coincide with your membership renewal. To purchase a hotlink, navigate to “Update My profile > Membership Options.”


How do I upload my photo in my member profile?

Click on the plus sign below the image placeholder on your member profile. Browse to your photo and select it. Photos must be .jpeg, .jpg or .gif files.


My profession is listed incorrectly. How can I change this?

You can change your profession type or add additional designations from your member profile. Click on the Profession Type dropdown to select a Professional category. You can then select more specific designations from the “Profession” dropdown list.


My name doesn’t show up in my practice group listing. Why not?

You must place yourself in one or more practice groups in your member profile, at the “Personal Info” tab. You can add more than one practice group by clicking on the Add button directly under the Practice Group(s) section.