Collaborative Practice Group FAQs

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What is a Practice Group?

A Practice Group is an association of two or more professionals who have come together for purposes of enhancing their skills and understanding of Collaborative Practice, educating the public and promoting the use of the Collaborative process. Practice Groups are typically comprised of professionals who work the same geographic region and may be organized as formal legal entities or more loosely as professional associations. A law firm is not considered a Practice Group.


What is a Whole Group?

Many Collaborative Practice groups have made the choice to require all their members to be members of IACP. When groups elect Whole Group status, their members benefit from being included in the worldwide community of Collaborative professionals. Whole Group members are entitled to a discount on their IACP membership and pay the reduced $100 Whole Group Membership fee. For more information about Whole Group membership, please contact us.


What types of organizations are listed as Collaborative Practice Groups Around the World?

The Collaborative Practice movement continues to grow every day. Many Practice Groups have evolved to serve the needs of professionals, as well as the public. We welcome the opportunity to reflect that evolution on our website. We are pleased to list small groups, large groups, statewide organizations and other regional Collaborative Practice organizations working around the world.

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How do I add my Practice Group to the IACP website?

To list your Practice Group on the IACP website, please contact the IACP office. We require the following information from all groups: The exact name of the group; the service region or city; the contact person (name, address, phone & email); the group’s website, if one exists; and a list of members. If your group has decided to elect Whole Groups status, please provide us with the completed Whole Group Confirmation Form as well.


How do we add our members to our Practice Group on the IACP website?

Members can be added in one of two ways:

1) IACP members can list their Practice Group affiliation through their Member Profile.

2) A list of members can be sent to the IACP office; members who are also IACP members will be added to the group listing on the IACP website.


I need to remove some names from my Practice Group. How do I do that?

Members can be removed in the same way in which they are added.

1) IACP members can remove their prior Practice Group affiliation through their Member Profile.

2) Practice Group leaders may also send the names of former members to the IACP office for removal.


Our Practice Group has a new contact. How do we update that information?

Please contact the IACP office, and we would be happy to update that information!