Announcing the Access to Collaboration Grant Program

IACP and the Access to Collaboration Task Force are pleased to announce the creation of a $10,000.00 grant fund for the 2014 fiscal year, to foster new or existing Access to Collaboration programs for low income and modest means clients. IACP is excited to be able to provide support for such important programs and expects that the entire Collaborative community will learn much from the results of these initiatives.


To learn more about the Access to Collaboration Grant Program, click here.


Access to Collaboration

Typically, the Collaborative Review is distributed only to IACP members. We are making an exception with regard to this edition. We believe so strongly in the importance of pro bono Collaborative programs that we are locating this resource in the publicly accessible Professionals section of the IACP website. We encourage you to share the electronic link freely; with your Practice Groups, with potential community partners and all who are able to join with us in making meaningful and respectful conflict resolution an accessible process option throughout the world.

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The Collaborative Review

Access To Collaboration | Winter 2014 / VOL 14. Issue 1