Linda Tell

716 19th Street
Sacramento, California 95811
United States
Office Phone: 916-402-3647
Member since 2005
Membership Type: IACP


Mental Health Professional, Mediator

I began working with couples in 1990. As a therapist and coach, I have been privileged to take part in many meaningful and poignant moments couples have shared with each other. Divorcing couples, who allowed themselves to be coached, were able to preserve their self-respect, communicate their feelings more clearly, and find something to really appreciate in the other. By taking this opportunity, these couples enhanced their ability to leave each other without malice and contempt; making it easier to continue raising their children together.

Area(s) of Practice: Child Specialist, Divorce Coach
License(s): Registered Nurse ~Marriage and Family Therapist

Professional Activities

General Therapy Practice - couples, individuals and groups; relationship and life transitions leading to stress and general unhappiness ~Mediation - Confidential and Non-confidential for child custody matters ~Collaborative Divorce Coach and Child Specialist ~Mediation coaching ~Volunteer Sacramento County Family Court Services, ProBono Mediation Committee ~Board of Directors, Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group, chairperson Mental Health members of Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group.

Undergraduate Education

Mount Vernon Hospital School of Nursing, graduate 1973, RN, honors for compassionate care in the clinical area

Pacific Christian College, graduate 1981

National University, MA, Counseling Psychology, 1986

Postgraduate Education

Myers-Briggs Inventory
<br>Imago Relationship Therapy
<br>Mind-Body Medicine
<br>Interactive Guided Imagery
<br>Being Coach
<br>Advanced Coaching


It saddens me that you are going through a divorce. I wish we could have met during happier times. If you choose to divorce collaboratively, please give yourself the benefit of all the professionals who want to help you. Each of us have specially trained skills and background to assist you in various ways. Have you noticed many of us have gray hair?? That's a benefit to you...because we have developed professional and personal life experiences that makes us good at what we do! When you choose a collaborative professional/team, you are creating an opportunity to divorce respectfully and honorably. One of my roles is to keep that goal foremost in everyone's mind.