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Juliette Ford

1/10 Rudd St
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2601
Office Phone: 02 6115 9000
Member since 2005
Membership Type: IACP



I was admitted to practice in April 1991. I have specialised in the area of Family Law since approximately 1993. Throughout my career the question of what is the best way for separating couples to finalise arrangements in relation to financial issues and in relation to their children has occupied my mind. Traditional negotiation, mediation and litigation are the usual options provided to my clients. Exploring other alternative dispute resolution options to address problems of lack of communication or lack of understanding in relation to the emotional and financial impact of one person in a couple telling the other that they wish to separate have also been explored.

Collaborative law and collaborative practice provides a structure to enable separating couples to talk about their respective interests rather than their entitlements in a supportive environment with other professionals specializing in the non-legal issues which arise from the separation I have found to be the most constructive way to help a separating couple to reach an agreement even in circumstances where they are finding it very difficult to communicate with each other. Collaborative law and collaborative practice gives my clients a much better opportunity to have a settlement which is long lasting and far more sensitive to their respective financial and emotional needs.

Area(s) of Practice: Family Law
License(s): Family Law

Professional Education

Graduate - BA and LLB Monash Law School