Roy Martin

119 N. Commercial Street
Bellingham, Washington 98225
United States
Office Phone: 3607460400
Member since 2006
Membership Type: IACP


Lawyer, Mediator

Roy Martin is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University (Bachelor's Degree, 1985: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math), and of the University of Arizona, (Juris Doctorate, 1996 Magna Cum Laude). After graduating 13th in a class of 164 and serving on law review, he decided to practice domestic relations law because of his own bitter divorce. During first semester finals, he was served with pleadings. Litigation lasted a full year. He returned to court to re-litigate custody the following year and then completed law school while serving as sole custodian of his two children. Two years later, his ex-wife moved 1500 miles away and seemed to lose all interest in the children, leaving Roy to raise them alone.

'These experiences have given me tremendous empathy for those who are dealing with divorce, custody and visitation issues. I understand what they're going through. So when clients feel overwhelmed by fear, anger and other emotions, I can help them maintain perspective and see the larger picture.'

'For several years after law school, I was content to guide clients through this difficult transition using conventional divorce strategies. But over time, I realized that adversarial divorce usually causes more harm than good. More and more, I began to recognize the extent to which litigation devastates clients and their children. Disillusioned, for a time I thought about giving up domestic relations practice entirely. But, upon reflection and after much soul-searching, I realized that guiding people through these challenges was still profoundly meaningful to me. At this point, I began seeking creative alternatives. Soon after, I discovered and trained in Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation.'

'Each of these alternatives produces outstanding results in a cost effective manner while creating an emotionally safe environment for clients and their children. They have restored the satisfaction that I felt when I first began practicing law. I'm still willing to litigate when it's clearly necessary. However, adversarial law is now a last resort rather than just ‘the way things get done.’'

Area(s) of Practice: Collaborative Law, Family Law, Mediation, Parenting Coordinator
License(s): Washington State

Undergraduate Education

Bachelors Degree, Johns Hopkins University, 1985

Postgraduate Education

Juris Doctor, University of Arizona College of Law, 1996

Professional Education

Extensive training in various forms of alternative dispute resolution, including Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation.