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The members of the IACP Research Committee are proud to introduce you and your practice groups to the NEW IACP Client Experience Survey (CES).  The CES was produced after nine months of careful consideration of other surveys used by some of our members; in particular, surveys used by practice groups in Florida, Missouri, and Minnesota.  In addition:

  1. The Research Committee focused the Survey on building on the results of the IACP 2nd Large Scale Study to ensure that Survey questions further mined data important to clients, and thus, important to us as the end users of the Survey. 

  2. The demographic questions in the Survey parallel those in the 2020 US Census Survey and the 2020 General Social Survey (GSS).  Since the 1970’s, the GSS has been considered the gold standard for social survey research in the US and has a wealth of information about marriage and divorce that is freely available.  By mirroring the demographic questions of these surveys, IACP data can be compared to larger data sets and demographic questions can readily serve as independent variables in future research. 

  3. A special effort was made to be inclusive of gender identity, sexual orientation, as well as cultural and racial diversity and lifestyle choices such as partnerships, while maintaining a focus on simplicity and clarity so that data is easily interpreted. 

The Research Committee encourages using the CES “as is” so that data can be shared with IACP who, in turn, will share cumulated data with members around the world.  You may consider adding questions, but to maintain the validity of the data, do not change the existing questions.
The CES is designed to work best using Survey Monkey and will be transferred upon request to a paid Survey Monkey account. Please complete the form below to submit your request for access to the survey and to receive additional instructions.

Please allow 1-2 business days for IACP to process your SurveyMonkey requests.