IACP Leadership Academy 2021/2022

We are all passionate about Collaborative Practice and we all know that passion turns to action when one person persuades another person to shift from opposing roles to collaborative roles. From those two people, Collaborative Practice starts to take root and grow to two more people and then three more and so on. Passion becomes action creating a community to surround the professional, just as securely as the Collaborative container surrounds our clients. The local community spawns a regional community, which broaden to a national community and then spreads to an international community, all interlocked to support a that single Collaborative practitioner who will start the action all over again.

To bring this passion to action, sustaining both, takes leadership and leadership takes skills. IACP recognized this in 2012 when the Board of Directors recognized the need and the value of actually grooming and growing leaders, starting at local levels, knowing they would continue to grow into national and international leadership. And so the IACP Leadership Academy was born with the first class of 23 leadership students graduating in 2014.

Here are just some of the achievements accomplished and positions held by those Leadership Academy Graduates:

• IACP Executive Council
•IACP Board of Directors
• IACP Committee Chairs
• Collaborative Trainers
• Collaborative Professionals of Canada Acting Chair
• Collaborative Practice Washington President
• Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota Co-President
• Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals President
• Incoming IACP President for 2023
• Practice Group Presidents, Chairs and Co-Chairs

Granted, great leaders had served in all these positions from the very beginnings of IACP but for the first time, there were leaders who had strengthened their understanding of leadership and increased their awareness of the variety of skills necessary to be effective and inclusive leaders. These students became informal and formal leaders, acutely aware of the gifts and skills they now had to contribute to Collaborative practice and practitioners, once again taking their passion making it action.

The IACP Leadership Academy class of 2022, like the class of 2014 are already leaders. This class boasts more international students and diversity, ripe with energy and passion that they will also take back and turn into actions. While the dates for the next Leadership Academy have not yet been determined, IACP remains committed to doing their part to continue to provide leadership opportunities and education in order to ensure Collaborative passion continues to become actions.