IACP Leadership Academy 2021/2022

Application deadline has now passed and we are no longer accepting applications. IACP will reach out once final decisions are made about particpants accepted into the Leadership Academy

We are all passionate about Collaborative Practice, but how do you translate passion into action? We know that we can’t Collaborate alone and that any action starts with building and growing our Collaborative Communities. Do you have what it takes to be a leader in your Collaborative Community? Do you want to build and hone the skills to lead on the local, regional, and international level? What would it feel like to learn amongst peers who are facing many of the same challenges that you are?

If this intrigues you, the IACP welcomes you to apply to our upcoming Leadership Academy, a year-long leadership development program. Building on the success of a similar program in 2013-2014, we are seeking a new crop of emerging and aspiring leaders from across our global Collaborative community to learn, teach, support each other, gain mentorship, and build solid leadership skills. This Leadership Academy has a particular focus on principles of inclusion, equity, diversity and access, to support leaders who can foster these principles in their local and international communities. In keeping with these principles, we seek a diverse pool of applicants representing many races, ethnicities, geographic regions, religions, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, professions, and ages.

As one participant said:

“It is a great networking opportunity that allows deeper connections to be built with people from around the world. Great friendships have happened because of the Academy. The learnings from the Academy are relevant and applicable to being a better leader. It expands your vision of and skills in leadership and helps us realize we are part of something much greater outside our local communities. You have a new network of practitioners to support you afterwards. I appreciated the opportunity to get to know our wise trainers in a way that would otherwise not be possible.”

-Louise E. Livesay-Al, St. Paul, Minnesota

More testimonials available here.

Schedule and Participation

25 applicants from around the world will be selected to participate.

The Leadership Academy will require attendance at three in-person sessions, one in connection with the 2021 IACP Forum in San Diego, CA, USA (October 27-31, 2021), one in connection with the 2022 Forum in Orlando, FL, USA (October 27-30, 2022) and one in between those dates, in a location in the US to be determined.

In between these meetings, there will be online trainings and webinars, on a monthly basis. Active participation will be required, both at the in-person meetings and at the online ones.

Costs and fees

As aspiring and emerging leaders, we want our participants to have the support of their local community. The full registration fee for the Leadership Academy is USD 1,300.00, of which USD 650.00 is intended to be paid by the participant’s Practice Group, as a sign of support and endorsement. If this aspect of the requirements presents a difficulty for you, please explain in your application.

Participants will be responsible for the travel and hotel expenses related to the in-person meetings.


A limited number of partial scholarships and travel stipends will be available. To be considered please complete the scholarship questions in the application form.

How to apply

  • Click here for a complete list of requirements.
  • Letters of reference and questions about the program can be submitted to Shannon Grossi. 

Do you have questions about the IACP Leadership Academy?  Why should I apply?  Am I ready?  Who should my practice group sponsor?  What about the pandemic?  How can I raise the funds?  How will we deal with different time zones?  What do you mean by “diversity?” The Leadership Academy Task Force has answers! To watch the recording of the Q&A session from March 17, 2021 at 2pm PDT CLICK HERE.