Saturday AM Workshop #12 Keys to Building a Collaborative Practice: Doing Good Work While Earning a Living

This workshop will provide participants with the information they need to build and sustain a Collaborative Practice including the importance of education, training, skill-building, and interdisciplinary relationships. The workshop will help participants learn how to set business goals and accomplish them through networking, initial client contacts, community connections and website development.

Saturday AM Workshop #11 "You Aren't Being Collaborative" - Language and Skills for Difficult Dynamics

Have you ever been told you were “not acting collaboratively” or thought that about someone else? In this fast-paced, interactive workshop, we will explore situations where this dynamic arises and learn skills on how to use these instances to deepen our Collaborative Practices and create strong Collaborative teams and communities.

Saturday AM Workshop #10 Regulating Legal Proceedings in Family Conflicts - a law inspired by CD

In July 2016, an innovative law for regulating legal proceedings in family conflicts was applied in Israel. While drafted to deal with local religious issues, the legislation sparked an intense debate regarding the “Prohibition of the right to litigation” family disputes without first exploring options to litigation. A year after the implementation of this new law the number of claims filed to the family courts in Israel were reduced by more than 50%.

Saturday AM Workshop #09 Financial Creativity in Collaborative Divorce

Financial creativity is not just for financial professionals. We will highlight actual case examples of how to strategically and efficiently use outside professionals and unique ways to utilize financial information. We'll provide ideas that professionals from all disciplines can take back to their local practice groups.

Saturday AM Workshop #08 Using a Child Specialist to help Engage Your Client's Collaboration

How can using a child specialist help engage your clients in collaboration? Kristine Little and Toni Evans will present the Child Specialist role, highlighting its efficient, yet valuable impact on the client’s Collaborative process. They'll discuss how CS’s integrate successfully with the professional team, and what they have learned so far in their Collaborative journey.

Saturday AM Workshop #07 Applying the Principles of Transformational Leadership to Our Teamwork as Collaborative Professionals

This workshop focuses on applying transformational leadership skills that help create safety in the collaborative process (which can inherently feel unsafe to many clients). By embracing our power to intentionally create safety, the professional team becomes a container for the process and creates the conditions for group wisdom to emerge.

Saturday AM Workshop #06 Questions and Reflections on Your Collaborative Practice Journey

Your involvement with Collaborative Practice is a continuing journey. Asking the right questions can help shape your journey and lead you to the type of practice you desire. Our intention is to walk with you as you answer questions for yourself. The goal of this workshop is to leave with an outline and an action plan for the role CP will play in your practice.

Saturday AM Workshop #05 HOPE - The Essence of Resolving Family Disputes

Family attorneys usually see clients who are stressed and fearful about their future. The uncertainty makes it difficult for many clients to appropriately participate in settlement negotiations. This workshop will present the benefits of hope and how to give hope to our clients and ourselves.

Saturday AM Workshop #04 Partnering with Courts: Expanding Collaborative and the "Expedited Collaborative Process"

During this workshop we'll discuss forming partnerships and programs with courts to expand Collaborative Practice. We'll present an overview of Maryland's successful strategies and programs with a particular focus on the newly-developed "Expedited Collaborative Process," where self-represented litigants are referred by the court, and Collaborative meetings begin immediately on-site, in the courthouse.

Saturday AM Workshop #03 Tangible Tools: Assessing Coercion, Control, Domestic Violence and the UCLA

With the passage of the UCLA in many states and the anticipated passage in all states, dependable Domestic Violence Screening and Consultation is vital. This presentation focuses first on reliable DV screening and second on how a team or individual Collaborative practitioner can quickly and effectively diffuse conflicts as they occur.