Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #46 Multiple Hats for Collaborative Professionals and Mediators: Working with Interdisciplinary Neutrals and Co-Mediators

Still working in the traditional collaborative and/or mediation model?  This workshop will focus on working with interdisciplinary neutrals at the collaborative table in mediation as well as co-mediating with those neutrals.  Your willingness to step outside of the box and wear multiple hats promotes a more professional, effective model for resolving conflict at the mediation table.

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #25 Collaborative Practice and Martial Arts - two sides of the same coin?

We normally use just our brains and intellect to "understand" our world. But there is a level beyond words: the world of experience by movement and touch. Experience a different kind of understanding of collaboration in a team through easy exercises that express the pacifistic philosophy of Kung Fu.  Be prepared to move!

Saturday AM Workshop #14 Limitation As Inspiration

“What do I want my practice to look like?”  One way we can get an idea of that is by exploring what we believe we “can’t” do. Whether the limitation comes from within or without, being aware of it and naming it as a limitation suggests that it exists to push back against something we want to do. We’ll walk through some of the common and unique “limitations,” get a clearer picture of the things we want in, for and from our practices and, move beyond the limitations.