Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #36 Nightmare Case, Dream Team: When Mental Illness is a Question

When the mental health of a client is in question, persistent questions abound. Take the case?  Proceed or withdraw? Can we reach settlement? All unclear. Without a dream team, navigating such issues might be impossible. With cohesion, compassion and great communication...the impossible may be possible. This program is based on a true story.

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #16 No Dress Rehearsal - Being in the Moment in Conflict

Collaborative Practice is like "improv". We have a general idea about what might happen in the collaborative meeting room but no matter how carefully we prepare, we don't get a dress rehearsal or a script. We are at our best when we can say "yes" to what is coming toward us and respond in an authentic, meaningful and productive way.

Saturday AM Workshop #09 Crossroads of Collaborative Practice and Mediation: Competing or Converging Models?

Are Mediators and Collaborative Professionals competitors or natural partners?  In a highly interactive, engaged conversation, we compare and contrast CP and Mediation, explore how principles and techniques of each can be applied to the other, and delve into the convergence of the two models as “Collaborative Mediation.”

Saturday AM Workshop #02 Managing the Negotiation Within – Our Clients’ and Our Own

Psychologists have long understood that individuals have sub-personalities, each seeking to guide our thinking and behavior.  With a particular focus on Internal Family Systems theory, this workshop will help professionals (a) understand and manage this internal negotiation so that we can be more effective, and (b) teach these techniques to our clients.

Friday PFI #6 Exceptional Communication The Key to Connection and Resolution

“Exceptional Communication” begins where typical communications-skills training leaves off. Pushing participants to claim their personal power in a way that engenders confidence and safety in the client(s) changes the isolation of fear into the safety of connection. Practicing the concepts of pacing and leading cultivates relationship building. Deepening listening skills will include hearing the facts, utilizing heart wisdom, interpreting gut knowing. By pulling these three listening levels together you’ll more fully understand the client’s dilemmas, needs, and interests.

Thursday PFI #2 Examining Race and Culture in Collaborative Practice from the Inside Out

The Collaborative Practice community is primarily white practitioners serving primarily white clients.  What is needed to change this to a more inclusive professional community serving a broad and diverse clientele?  This Pre-Conference Institute will look at this question from the inside out.  We will first look at what each of us needs to do on the inside to be more aware of how our own race, culture, and history affect our beliefs, thoughts, reactions, and behaviors as well as impediments to talking about race and culture.  We will then examine how the functioning of