Great America 1 & 2

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #47 Shifting Our Perceptions: Small Changes — Big Impact

Using video, discussion, and exercises we’ll create consciousness raising experiences to facilitate profound shifts in perception. On that foundation, we’ll practice strengthening mind-sets and skills, enhancing cultural fluency in response to diverse experiences and attitudes, while facilitating resolutions that take Collaborative Practice more efficiently and frequently beyond agreement to healing.

Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #32 Yes, we have unbundled services! - Tropicalizing the Collaborative Practice

In Brazil, the law predicts joint representation so it’s common to see one lawyer representing a divorcing couple. This workshop shares how we are working to introduce CP in Brazil, adapting to our local characteristics and mixing with unbundling services.  This is an opportunity to show the benefits of having a multidisciplinary team.

Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #28 Don't know your SEO from your Elbow? Website ranking for beginners

Jennifer Hetherington’s website was stuck on page 10 of Google for all search terms that mattered.  She learned to fix it and got from page 10 of Google to page 1. 
This practical workshop explains Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) concepts with DIY examples of how to improve your search ranking.

Saturday AM Workshop #08 The single most effective activity for building your practice

For Collaborative Practice professionals balancing busy schedules and client demands, a long list of business development “to-dos” quickly becomes overwhelming and often remains unfinished. This workshop will answer the question, what is the single most effective business development action you can focus on without stretching yourself too thin?