Chicago DE

Sunday Closing Plenary : Building Connections in Unlikely Contexts: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Hopefully a Lot)

Brad Heckman has been promoting peace and communitybuilding for 30 years, since living in Poland as the Berlin Wall fell and a negotiated revolution ensued. In his plenary speech, he’ll talk about his experiences, adventures, and happy accidents – as well as his mistakes, miscalculations and unintended consequences as a peacebuilder in more than 25 countries. The emphasis on mistakes is not an attempt at false modesty – it is in our mistakes that we learn, grow, and innovate.

Saturday: Stu Webb Lecture - The Power of Vulnerability and Other Ironies We Must Embrace to Knit Our Social Fabric Back Together

In this interactive and highly engaging presentation, Dr. Campt will explore some scientific findings about unconscious bias, what we know are best practices for addressing it, and some surprising but challenging ideas about next steps for the country, for organizations, and for individuals.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #49 Enhancing intrinsic motivation to change: motivational interviewing techniques to encourage effective co-parenting

Parents can have parenting conflicts both before and after divorce. Incorporating action-oriented processes shifts the focus of what can be done to help things go right rather than simply a focus on preventing problems. Exploring and resolving co-parenting ambivalence through Motivational Interviewing techniques encourages ownership, enhances self-efficacy, and assumes competency.