Spiral Dynamics workshop

Date and time: 
May 31, 2019 (All day)
Event type: 
Educational Opportunity

Value systems can be powerful frameworks for complex conflict resolution, but few professionals have been trained to recognize diversity of values.  Values provide the lens through which our clients experience their conflicts and values color our perceptions of what those clients need.  Since most humans believe their values are reality, they often are blind to other worldviews.  In this program, Kim Wright will introduce a values model called Spiral Dynamics.  We will experience interactive exercises designed to heighten our awareness of how our values shape our interactions and explore how clients’ values affect their perceptions and responses to conflict.  We will explore how to bridge our values differences.  



South Hill Business Campus conference center, 950 Danby Road, Ithaca, New York 14850


J. Kim Wright is an advocate for a new kind of legal system, based on peacemaking, problem-solving, and healing conflict.  She is the author of two American Bar Association books, Lawyers as Peacemakers and Lawyers as Changemakers, and is  a contributor to several other books and periodicals.  As a trainer, she has taught on every inhabited continent and online.  She is the co-chair of the ABA Relational Practices Task Force.  Kim is interested in transformation of individuals, relationships. organizations, and systems.  Spiral dynamics is a subject which caught Kim’s interest over twenty years ago.  In 2013, she became certified in Spiral Dynamics, as taught by Don Beck.  She has been using the model in her own work and in 2016 began to teach it to others.  

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J. Kim Wright
Ithaca Area Collaborative Law Professionals
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- Members of Ithaca Area Collaborative Law Professionals:  $50 if received before May 24 / $60 after (+ $20 for onsite lunch)

-Non-IACLP members:  $100 if received before May 24 / $110 after (+ $20 for onsite lunch)

-Group rate:  $90 each if received before May 24 / $100 after (+ $20 for onsite lunch) for 2 or more members of other practice groups (e.g., CNY Collaborative Family Law Professionals, Collaborative Law Association of the Rochester Area, etc.)