The Path to Peace RESOLUTION EVOLUTION - Conference in Ontario, Canada

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May 2, 2019 (All day) to May 4, 2019 (All day)
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This is a joint conference of the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation and  the Ontario Association for Family Mediation

This Conference brings “peacemakers” together in one place to build skills and network with other professionals who focus on CDR approaches, primarily mediation and working within collaborative interdisciplinary teams. The approach we take is offering plenary sessions and workshops that build skills in both mediation and collaborative approaches and allow practitioners to learn new skills, and potentially broaden their practice by adopting new approaches in one of those two disciplines.

Consensual Dispute Resolution

Consensual Dispute Resolution refers to voluntary settlement processes, by which parties seek to resolve their differences through negotiation, avoiding the need to go to court and have a judicial officer make decisions for them. The two most common modes of consensual dispute resolution are the Collaborative process and the Mediation process. These approaches allow parties to maintain control over their own lives and over their relationship with their children, by avoiding, to the extent possible, the negative adverse effects of traditional adversarial approaches.

As “peacemakers” we are a community of professionals working with families experiencing breakdown and the extent of our skill level directly affects outcomes for children, the leaders of tomorrow. We are committed to gathering, learning and experiencing new ways to help them achieve their full potential and to allow separating spouses an opportunity to find a more peaceful future.


Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario.

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