MCLC Workshop: How Values And Identity Impact Our Work As Dispute Resolution Professionals

Date and time: 
April 25, 2019 - 9:00pm
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Educational Opportunity

This workshop is highly interactive and self-reflective. We will explore how specific universal values underpin our sense of self. Since clashes in underlying values can increase our conflict, both as team members and as professionals working with clients, we will examine how to moderate value-based conflicts. Using a tool to identify our default self-monitoring style, we

will identify where we fall on the self-monitoring continuum, and how to use this information to help us constructively work with our colleagues. Since identity lies at the base of most conflicts, this workshop will give participants an opportunity to examine components of their own core identity, and how, in conflict, personal identity feels threatened, unacknowledged, or

under attack. We will use this information to help us increase our effectiveness as Dispute Resolution Practitioners, and to help build healthy Collaborative Practice groups and teams.


Forefront Conference Center: Waltham, Massachusetts

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Nancy Cameron
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