Live Virtual Event: International Abductions & the "Hague Convention"

Date and time: 
January 18, 2023 - 10:00am to 11:00am
Event type: 
Educational Opportunity


In this 1-hour presentation, Ontario family lawyers, Russell Alexander and guest speakers, Lindsey Love-Forester, Fareen Jamal, and Fadwa Yehia, will be discussing international abductions and the "Hague Convention", covering the following topics:

1. Top 10 things you should know about the “Hague Convention”
1) What is it?
2) What forms do they use?
3) Are there a separate set of Rules, Codes, or Regulations setting out the process?
4) What are the deadlines?
5) Do you commence the proceeding in Canada?
6) How do you affect service of your documents?
7) Where is the hearing conducted?
8) How do you enforce the Order?
9) Appealing decisions
10) Tips and tricks

2. Case study No.1: F. v. N., 2022 SCC 51
1) Background
2) The 3 top arguments for F.
3) The 3 top arguments for N.
4) The SCC’s decision
5) A principled approach?
6) Takeaways

3. Case study No 2.: Leigh v. Rubio, 2022 ONCA 582
1) Background
2) Would it be decided differently today?
3) New rule changes

There will also be a dedicated Q&A segment as part of the presentation. The panelists invite our audience members to send in their questions in advance.

Registration is complimentary and all are welcome. Registrants will receive an email via Zoom upon registration with their login details for the event.

To respect confidentiality, all attendees’ identities will remain anonymous to other audience members.

Attendees who provide their feedback to our team will receive a complimentary advanced copy of Russell Alexander's e-book following the webinar.

*Please note that all of the content provided in the presentations is intended to provide general information on separation, divorce, and family law matters, and should not be construed as legal advice.




Russell Alexander, Lindsey Love-Forester, Fareen Jamal, Fadwa Yehia

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