Live Virtual Event: Bankruptcy & Breakdown of the Marriage 201: Advanced Topics

Date and time: 
November 30, 2022 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Event type: 
Educational Opportunity


In this 1-hour presentation, the panel of Ontario-based family lawyers and bankruptcy and insolvency experts will be sharing their insights on advanced topics on bankruptcy as it applies to separation and divorce, as an extension of Bankruptcy & Breakdown of the Marriage 101 program.

1. A quick recap of Divorce, Bankruptcy and Family: 101
a. What are Bankruptcy & consumer proposals?
b. Circumstances: who, how and when
c. Roles of the various players:
i. Trustee
ii. Creditors
iii. Spouse
iv. CRA
v. other secured and others and priorities
d. Judges, the Family Court & the Bankruptcy Court
e. Conflicts: protecting third-party creditors and rights of spouses

2. Bankruptcy and the Effect on equalization
a. Exempt assets
b. Identifying the Types of claims & the claims that survive discharge
c. Assignment of claims
d. Judicial discretion
e. Bankruptcy before / after the date of separation
f. Effect of a discharge

3. Litigation Strategies & Practice Tips
a. Costs orders
i. lifting automatic stays
ii. collecting costs
iii. costs as support
b. Judicial discretion
c. Going after exempt assets
d. Characterizing obligations as support
e. Protecting your (lawyers’) account

There will also be a dedicated Q&A segment as part of the presentation. The panelists invite our audience members to send in their questions in advance with their registration and they will do their best to address the question.

Registration is complimentary and all are welcome. Registrants will receive an email via Zoom upon registration with their login details for the event.

To respect confidentiality, all attendees’ identities will remain anonymous to other audience members.

*Please note that all of the content provided in the presentations is intended to provide general information on separation, divorce, and family law matters, and should not be construed as legal advice.



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Russell Alexander, Golan Yaron, Howard Manis & Linda Stern
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