Exploring the Superpowers of Anti-racism Allies: Practical Guidance for Leveraging the Power of Vulnerability

Date and time: 
March 19, 2020 - 1:00pm
Event type: 
IACP Event

This 60-minute live webinar, a follow-up to his keynote speech, will include a brief review of scientific findings about persuasion, then drill down on a practical strategy of increasing a person’s ability to be persuasive on racism and other systems of disadvantage. The best practice approaches that will be explored will center on the power of personal storytelling, particularly about our less than perfect moments, to positively shift other people out of denial.

Learning objectives: 

To understand the impediments to increasing effectiveness when discussing racism and other forms of bias
To explore best practice communication strategies that can increase persuasiveness on sensitive issues
To explore our experiences of bias and storytelling about bias
To think about the more and less suitable settings and people to engage best practice communications strategies
Attendance at the February 20th webinar is encouraged but not a requirement. Click HERE to view the February 20th webinar. 


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Dr. David Campt

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Dr. David Campt
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$10 for Whole Group Members
$15 for Individual Members
$50 for non-Members