AACP Road to Resolution Conference - Trust, fairness and attachment ruptures

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November 19, 2021 - 9:45am to 3:15pm
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AACP's “Road to Resolution” conference concludes with Pauline Tesler’s four hour workshop, “Trust, Fairness, and Attachment Ruptures in  Collaborative Divorce Practice.”  This workshop draws not only on Pauline’s decades of experience as a pioneering collaborative lawyer, trainer, and writer but also on her more recent groundbreaking work applying brain science, positive psychology, body/mind awareness practices, neuro-economics, evolutionary psychology, and decision science to our work as collaborative professionals. 

Pauline has presented her ideas about the neuroscience of divorce conflict resolution in exciting workshops here in Australia and across North America as well as in South Africa and Brazil.  In this concluding conference session,  Pauline will share with us perspectives drawn from an explosion of  research in the social sciences relating to trust, fairness, and attachment ruptures as they are experienced by human primates in the 21st century.  In this workshop, which integrates didactic and experiential elements with amusing video clips, Pauline will invite us to understand the centrality to our work of  this new and rapidly expanding knowledge about what goes on “under the hood” while couples struggle to resolve their divorce issues and conflicts, and how we might make use of this knowledge to improve the quality of our work and the outcomes for our clients.

All conference sessions are recorded and can be viewed on demand by conference delegates who have registered for them.

Note: there are 3 breaks during the workshop (1 large break and 2 smaller breaks)

Note: Dates and times are noted as Australian Eastern Standard Time


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Pauline Tesler

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Pauline Tesler
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Non-members AUD600 (whole conference package - 8 sessions) or AUD100 per session

AACP members AUD400 (whole conference package - 8 sessions) or AUD75 per session