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Collaborative Divorce Vancouver

P.O. Box 18458 RPO, West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 0B3



Group Contact(s)
Patti Daum   patti@daumfinancial.com
Betty Gabriel   bgabriel@kzellaw.com
Renee le Nobel   renee.lenobel@gmail.com
Wendy Leung   info@collaborativedivorcebc.com
Group Members Profession(s)
Meghan Selinger
Shelagh Kinney
Ms. Rebecca Stanley
Michael Lederman
Rena Chen Barrister, Lawyer, Solicitor
Lisa Newby Barrister, Lawyer, Solicitor, Mediator
Marcus Sixta Barrister, Lawyer, Solicitor, Mediator
Sara Jackson Barrister, Lawyer, Solicitor, Mediator
William Tam Financial Professional
Lisa Sukul Financial Professional
Lucas Terpkosh Financial Professional
Madhu Kanwar Financial Professional
Renee le Nobel Financial Professional
Patti Daum Financial Professional
Catherine Hurlburt Financial Professional
Kiu Ghanavizchian Financial Professional
Paul Woodhouse Financial Professional
Jim Doyle Financial Professional
Jennifer Weeks Financial Professional
Joe Fingerote Lawyer
Fiona Beveridge Lawyer
Randall Levine Lawyer
Nicole Garton Lawyer
Andrea Glen Lawyer
Justine Mercer Lawyer
Sonia Kainth Lawyer
Gordon Kopelow Lawyer
Nancy Cameron Lawyer
Jamie Wood Lawyer
Johanna Stein Lawyer
Daniel Zack Lawyer
Leisha Murphy Lawyer
Nikki Charlton Lawyer
Garth Edwards Lawyer
Anna Silver Lawyer
Jessica Firestone Lawyer
Sonali Sharma Lawyer
Anne Demeulemeester Lawyer
Chantal Cattermole Lawyer
Melissa Salfi Lawyer
Julia Hibbard Lawyer
Jennifer Woodruff Lawyer
Donna Yamazaki Lawyer
Stephanie Fabbro Lawyer
Betty Gabriel Lawyer
Melanie Magnusson Lawyer
Jennifer Rowbotham Lawyer
Catherine Brink Lawyer
Robert Mostar Lawyer, Mediator
Deirdre Severide Lawyer, Mediator
Rahul Aggarwal Lawyer, Mediator
Karen Redmond Lawyer, Mediator
Merel Veldhuis Lawyer, Mediator
G.C. (Scottie) Scott Lawyer, Mediator
Jon Lazar Lawyer, Mediator
Michelle Kooy Lawyer, Mediator
Tanya Chamberlain Lawyer, Mediator, Other
Ellen Shapiro Mental Health Professional
Marcelle Blancato Mental Health Professional
Aleesa Sutton Mental Health Professional
Alyson Jones Mental Health Professional
Kelsey Antifaeff Mental Health Professional
Gisella La Madrid Carpena Mental Health Professional
Sandy Hawkins Mental Health Professional
Abby Petterson Mental Health Professional
Shelley Behr Mental Health Professional
Jamila Hilborn Mental Health Professional
Yuval Berger Mental Health Professional
Deborah Brakeley Mental Health Professional
Kelly-Anne Breen Mental Health Professional
Leanne Harder Other
Shelina Sayani Other