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Collaborative Practice East Bay

18 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 300 Suite 300
San Ramon, California 94583
United States

(925) 718-8201


Group Contact(s)
Betsy Gordon   bg@tomborstlaw.com
R Camille King   camille@camillekingfamilylaw.com
Group Members Profession(s)
Alison Beck
Gavin DiStasi
Ronald Sanchez Financial Professional
Lisa Schneider Financial Professional
Susan Campbell Financial Professional
Gary LaMusga Financial Professional
Amanda Gordon Lawyer
Deborah Sandler Lawyer
Katie Padilla Lawyer
Christina Littlefield Lawyer
Karen Berdy Lawyer
Deborah Marx Lawyer
Mr. Charles Spiegel Lawyer
Faith Jansen Lawyer
Donna Gibbs Lawyer
Patti Abramson Lawyer, Mediator
Emily De Falla Lawyer, Mediator
Emily Doskow Lawyer, Mediator
Ariel Winger Lawyer, Mediator
Arlene Kostant Lawyer, Mediator
Tamarah Haet Lawyer, Mediator
Heba Nimr Lawyer, Mediator
Marcy Sharafian Lawyer, Mediator
Hayden Lilien Mediator
Meghan Lang Mediator, Lawyer
R Camille King Mediator, Lawyer
Marc Berke Mental Health Professional
Debbie Katz Mental Health Professional
Emily Weaver Mental Health Professional
Melanie Belmont Mental Health Professional
JoAnn Rodrigues Mental Health Professional
Chandler Hoffman Mental Health Professional
Lee Marchesani, LMFT Mental Health Professional
John Osborne Mental Health Professional
Stuart Lord Mental Health Professional, Mediator