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Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals

20533 Biscayne Boulevard Suite 4-224
Aventura, Florida 33180
United States



Group Contact(s)
Deborah Day   dday234@aol.com
Elaine Silver   esilver@silverdivorce.com
Brittany Staggs   brittany.staggs@collaborativepracticeflorida.com
Group Members Profession(s)
Helen Stein
Amy Goodblatt
Sarah Hoerber Financial Professional
Marie-Eve Girard Financial Professional
David Harper Financial Professional
Edward Sachs Financial Professional
Annie Haney Financial Professional
Todd Burg Financial Professional
Mary Elias Financial Professional
Kristin DiMeo Financial Professional
Stewart Appelrouth Financial Professional
Luana Corral Financial Professional
Jeanne Coleman Lawyer
Audrey Jefferis Lawyer
Ky Koch Lawyer
Tiffany Loris Lawyer
John Iriye Lawyer
N. Diane Holmes Lawyer
Mara Bernstein Lawyer
Christine Derr Lawyer
Chris Sprysenski Lawyer
Kim Kaszuba Lawyer
Marta Alfonso Lawyer
Jessica Felix Lawyer
Juila Chase Lawyer
Carina Leeson Lawyer
Joshua Jones Lawyer
Allyson Hughes Lawyer
Charles Jamieson Lawyer
aubrey ducker Lawyer
Wendy Aikin Lawyer, Mediator
Linda Braithwaite Lawyer, Mediator
Robert Merlin Lawyer, Mediator
Keith Grossman Lawyer, Mediator
Allison Hockman Lawyer, Mediator
Jennifer Curcio Lawyer, Mediator
Elaine Silver Lawyer, Mediator
Adam Cordover Lawyer, Mediator
Ellen Ware Lawyer, Mediator
Charles Cole Jeffries, Jr. Lawyer, Mediator
Stann Givens Lawyer, Mediator
Anthony Diaz Lawyer, Mediator, Other
Kim Costello Mental Health Professional
Jeremy Gaies Mental Health Professional
Randy Heller Mental Health Professional
ronda fuchs Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Alice Boullosa Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Deborah Day Mental Health Professional, Psychologist
Barbara Kelly Mental Health Professional, Psychologist, Mediator
Nancy Drwal Other
Craig Fabrikant Psychologist
Peggy Gummoe Psychologist
Candice Saketkoo Psychologist, Mediator, Other