Building A Satisfying Collaborative Practice

Summary: This two-day basic online course is a joint venture between IACP and Forrest "Woody" Mosten. The training provides a practical model for implementing client-centered Collaborative strategies into your profession. You will learn new ways to represent clients well while staying out of court and explore the personal and ethical dimensions of Collaborative problem-solving. Interdisciplinary practitioners will benefit from this training, including lawyers, mediators, mental health professionals, paralegals, and financial professionals.

TrainersForrest "Woody" Mosten (lead)

Segments will be presented by:

  • Anne Lucas, IACP Board President - How to Build a Coaching and Child Specialist Practice and Working with Lawyers and Collaborative Organizations
  • Kevin Scudder, IACP Board Member - Creating Your Collaborative Practice Signature
  • Ron Ousky - Top Ten Tips in Building a Collaborative Practice
  • Susan Guthrie - Building an Online Peacemaking Practice and Maximizing Social Media

When: February 18th & 19th, 2021, from noon-3:00p (PST). Check your time zone by clicking HERE.

Location: This course is being offered online in Zoom format.  Access details will be included in your confirmation receipt.

Registration: $250 for active IACP Members, $350 for non-members.

Day 1 - Thursday, February 18, 2021 - noon-3:00p (PST)
Developing Your Peacemaking Signature

  • Assuring Your Paradigm Shift
  • Peacemaking View of Clients and Ourselves
  • Kaizen: The Commitment to Collaborative Excellence: A Daily Practice
  • How Full-Time Peacemaking Can Improve Profitability
  • Implementing Your Peacemaker Self-Survey

Using Interdisciplinary Collaborative Expertise to Serve Clients in Mediation

  • Understanding Uni-Disciplinary, Multi-Disciplinary, and Inter-Disciplinary Perspectives
  • Expanding Outcomes for Separating Parties—Using IACP Research
  • The Synergy of Collaborative Practice and Mediation
  • Coaching Clients in Mediation
  • Use of a Disqualification Clause in Mediation

Day 2 - Friday, February 19, 2021 - noon-3:00p (PST)
Getting More Cases by Refining Your Consultations and Marketing

  • Highlights of Thursday
  • Using the First Meeting to More Effectively Enroll Collaborative Cases
  • Talking Points for the First Client Meeting
  • Informed Consent as a Practice Building Tool
  • Flexible Collaborative Models to Increase Cases
  • Creatively Modifying the Participation Agreement To Meet Client Needs
  • Creating Your 2021 Strategic Plan
  • Putting Your Peacemaker Self-Survey to Work: Highlighting Your Strategic Plan
  • Redesigning Your Practice to Support Your Peacemaking
  • Next Steps

TRAINING CONCLUDES: New Peacemaking Chapter in Your Practice Starts On Monday Morning


  • Attendance is limited to 35 registrants
  • This class is a prerequisite for our March 2-5, 2021 "Training for Trainers" course

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