Don't be Afraid of "Matrix"! Let's Turn The Light On Virtual Negotiations and Master Them

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Come and learn how to help our brain and emotions in virtual negotiations, master the strategies and skills necessary to blend the “virtual” in our everyday job to enhance the success of our consensual dispute resolution means, lower costs and broaden access to collaboration.

Date:  February 24, 2022

Time: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM PST (check your local time here)

Duration: 90 minutes

Presenter: Elisabetta Valentini 

Dott. Elisabetta Valentini is a collaborative lawyer, divorce mediator and also a teacher for the Post Graduate Legal Training School and a collaborative trainer for AIADC, the Italian Collaborative Association. Graduated with honours at the University Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna in 1998, she lives in Trento where since 1990 she runs her now very well established boutique law firm and has gained an outstanding reputation as a dedicated and competent litigator. In 2015 she asked herself whether there could be a better way for a lawyer to resolve disputes and help people. The question was a turning point and since then she has become passionate in collaborative law, interest-based negotiation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution, which has made her shift her law firm entirely to collaborative law and out of Court solutions in order to provide the greatest value and long-term benefits to clients. She has attended, and still attends, intermediate, interdisciplinary, and advanced trainings both in Italy and in the United States. Since 2016 she is a member of IACP and AIADC.   

In early March 2020, when Italy went into lookdown due to the Covid 19 outburst, many law firms were closed and had to postpone the appointments. For Elisabetta, who had just recovered from Covid 19, it was essential to be able to carry on the ongoing negotiations and collaborative cases as people’s lives could not be put on stall. The only possibility was to work “on line”. The idea was frightening and the first Zoom calls were difficult but nobody left the room. It was a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. There were psychological and technical issues to master but step by step, adjusting and consulting with experts, Elisabetta got attuned to the “new system”. A few months later she was teaching social workers on line how to negotiate on Zoom. We have all learned so much since then. Now the time has come to enhance what we have learned and share it, so we can master the skills we need to surf these difficult times. 

Elisabetta also speaks fluent English and is able to deal with bilingual matters. 

February 24th, 2022 from  9:30 AM to 11:00 AM